General Competition Rules

Players should arrive at the competition venue by 8.10pm and let the adjudicator know that they are there.
The draw will be made at 8.15pm and play will commence at 8.20pm.
Any player / team not present at the time of the draw will not be entered into the draw.
Remember, it is the responsibility of the player(s) to notify the adjudicator that they are present.

Competition Dates & Draw Sheets

The dates for the League competitions are listed below, this page will be updated with venues and draw sheets as they become known.

Date Competition Venue Draw Sheets
22 May Charity Competition Tally Ho n/a - format to be
decided on the night

Competition Venue Winners - 2017/18

Date Competition Venue Winners
26 September Jubilee Cup Brewers
Con Club
Green Man
St Marys
24 October Fours Georgina Bassey / Joe Whiting /
Mickey Whiting / Ben Gardner - Con Club

Shaun Kemp / Dave Harding /
Dennis Sains / Sam Harding - Tally Ho B
21 November Ladies Pairs Zoey Spooner & Dayna Harding - Tally Ho A

Brenda Sains & Peggy Hughes - Tally Ho A
21 November Mens Pairs Joe Whiting & Mickey Whiting - Con Club

Dave Harding & Dennis Sains - Tally Ho B
13 December Mixed Pairs Michael Hammond & Stevie Riggs - Green Man

Dave Harding & Sam Harding - Tally Ho B
19 December Ladies Singles Brenda Sains - Tally Ho A

Sam Harding - Tally Ho B
19 December Mens Singles Ben Gardner - Con Club

Dave Harding - Tally Ho B
24 January Under 25's Ben Gardner - Con Club

Ryan Rodford - Tally Ho B
24 January Over 50's Micky Whiting - Con Club

Paul Tillstone - Brewers
13 February Elimination Singles James Jackson - Royal Oak

Michael Hammond - Green Man
6 March Triples Reg Harding jnr / Dave Harding /
Dennis Sains - Tally Ho B

Michael Hammond / Paul Dickens /
Dave Trott - Green Man
27 March Tamps Pairs Dennis Sains & Dave Harding - Tally Ho B

Paul Dickens & Michael Hammond - Green Man
17 April Captains & Vice
Steve Jackson & Freddie Jackson - Dorset

Gavin Redshaw & Mark Houkes - Brewers
18 April Bernie Welch
Winner: James Jackson - Royal Oak

Runner-Up: Dave Harding - Tally Ho B
1 May Sussex Express Singles Ryan Rodford - Tally Ho B

Stu Geer - St Mary's
15 May Jubilee Cup Semis & Final Winners: Green Man

Runners-Up: St Marys